Mukul Enterprises Introduction

Found in 1974, Mukul Enterprises is the eldest and well-known company and takes place among the leading companies of the world in flour mill manufacturing industry, going forward on a vision to be a leader. Starting at a small scale with an area of 100 sq m and 3 workers, Mukul Enterprises has transformed into a large scale manufacturing industry with an area of 10000 sq m and more than 150 workers, still expanding the network and resources to serve the customers better.

At Mukul Enterprises complete machinery of flour mill is manufactured and turnkey projects are also taken for setting up flour mills in all parts of the world by a team of dedicated engineers and craftsmen. The R&D Department strives 24x7 to develop new and efficient technology. The yearly turnover of the firm is approx US$ 50 million and is continuously rising.

With time a lot of changes can take place namely technology, capacity, prices and marketing etc. but one thing can never change at Mukul Enterprises that is "Loyalty". Our manufacturing units are now equipped with CNC machines ,CAD-CAM and laser cutting machines are under our standard production tools which enable us an error margin of zero in the machineries and equipment production. Our top most priorities are before-sales and after-sales services and to maintain that we have a staff specialized in this industry, overseas representatives, strong service networks and ergonomic spare-part stocks. Mukul Enterprises excels at manufacturing each and every machinery with high fidelity and degree of conformance according to the customer requirements in the most developed and state-of-the art workshop.