Mukul Enterprises President Message

Amid further advances in globalization and a heightened awareness of environmental issues, social and economic environments around the world are experiencing rapid change. In this volatile climate, I remain confident that Mukul Enterprises will continue its legacy of shaping the future as we pursue innovative change from a unique global perspective.

In business, as in life, we are continually confronted with new challenges: How will our operating environment evolve? What new demands will the next era bring? Against this backdrop we must carefully examine our role, our objectives, and the value we bring to society and our customers. Always anticipating change, Mukul Enterprises confronts each challenge with steadfast determination.

My goal in leading a corporate group with a strong corporate identity is to ensure that Mukul Enterprises continues to grow as a major global presence by generating consistent value.

To achieve this, originality in the systems, products and services we supply is essential, and technology will play a crucial role. Focusing on technology, a fundamental driver of manufacturing industries, we will strengthen our technical capabilities and generate sustainable growth.

I believe that for the Mukul Enterprises to evolve, each individual must realize that continuous change is the wellspring of new value. With this assured, we can look forward to a bright and prosperous tomorrow.